Life is like a coin ...

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My pictures are published on flickr – I am still testing a lot with different hardware and techniques, but have loads of ideas of where I want to go. My current camera is a Canon EOS 6D, which I got in autumn 2013. I love it! And most of all I like the EF17-40mm f/4L USM and the EF100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM. I love experimenting with macros and photographing details. I have several close-up filters, a reversing ring for the EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM and a Raynox macro conversion lense and my latest purchase is the EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lense.


My handicraft usually leave me right when I make them – but I have a plan to start taking pictures of what I create … just hang on a while …

And then there is all the “other stuff”: * organic homemade cosmetics * all kinds of self-invented recipes. Not sure yet how I will display that, but sooner or later …

Little paradise

Renovating a small farm from the late 1890s

The plot (2500 sqm) was bought in l892 of Mr. Ask for 125 SEK from the overall estate owner. Until the 125 SEK were paid, a yearly rate of 3 SEK was due. In 1894 the “torp” was split from the estate and in 1926 the entire original estate was split up. 1918 the widow of Mr. Ask became the owner of the torp, later their daughter. For the 10 years before 2016 though the house was more or less abandoned and the garden not cared for – it was sort of a jungle and the house has quite some need renovation and restauration, but I love it!

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About me

What is there to tell? A life around around the world – who decides what is interesting? Me? Or you – the reader? There is always a risk of being judged by the own “about me”-story, after all I can only tell you my side. My reality is not your reality. Although we might experience the exactly same thing, we will perceive it differently. Who is right? Who is wrong? Thinking back, forward, planning, regretting, being happy, accepting, changing, moving on. Think, act. And accept your decision, don’t regret. Maybe it is not so much about what is interesting, but about sharing? Where were we? Yes, about me it was. Born in a small town in the Tyrolean alps in Austria in 1976,  I think it was a Wednesday, not that I remember it. I was born too early, the story of my life – always in a hurry! The first weeks of my life outside the womb I spent in a incubator. The first years of my life I was squinting, when I was about two I got those really hilarious glasses, which put my eyes straight. The other day I actually read it is still the most effective and widely used way to straighten squinting eyes. And here we are all of a sudden, a few decades later. My blog is about feelings, thoughts, hopes, wishes, despair, people, budgies, apes – whatever.  The life on the other side. The illness-side of the story, knowing something is growing inside my body. It’s about what is happening while you are busy: Life.

Life is like a coin, you can spend it one way or the other, but you can only spend it once!


Tillbaka till jobbet. Tillbaka till en slags verklighet och normalitet. Den 14:e augusti ringde läkaren till slut om att mina tumörer inte är elakartade. Ett samtal på 3 minuter. Lungonkologin[…]

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Nu gick luften ur

För 4 månader sedan opererade jag handen, dagen efter åkte jag in akut och mina tumörer upptäcktes. För 6 veckor sedan opererades jag. Den 23:e juli skulle mitt fall tas[…]

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2018-08-10 0

Slut på semestern

Tebax till verkligheten. Känns konstigt. Och fel. Har precis börjat må bättre och kan göra saker. Så ska jag till jobbet, och lämna mitt fina paradis. Tebax till sjukhuset blir[…]

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